I have a mouth, but can’t speak

A few weeks ago on a popular elf games forum at shitstorm erupted in our post-Weinstein world. Two incidents of sexual harassment were posted and then things took a turn for the weird, like mod stripped of status and banned weird.

Two weeks before this I got into an argument in another thread with someone I thought was being intentionally obtuse about a game’s presentation. I might have gone at this person a bit hard. I got red text and was asked to leave the thread. Bad because I really want to see where that game goes. Not saying the mod was wrong in giving me a warning though.

So back to the shitstorm that was eating RPG professional’s reputations and making lose a lot of respect and hope for humanity in general. I made a small post pointing out something in a post about how people had misunderstood who were mods and why some people might have made such a mistake. My post was only to point out that a current mod had made a hard run at an industry professional. I thought it was an innocuous post meant for clarification of the original misunderstanding. For my trouble I got a one day ban for a personal attack.

The only problem was I wasn’t attack the moderator I mentioned. To me it appeared the mods were closing ranks and saw an unbiased pointing to a fact as an adhomin attack. Ironically the bias was in the mods because they brought up my previous warning from two weeks before that.

The end result is I no longer feel that I can post anything but rainbows and fluffy bunnies without being moved up the warned/banned ladder. At the same time I see people sidestepping the don’t attack members by attack the company they work for or represent as proxy.

While the original thread made me sad and a bit angry about something that is supposed to make me happy and reduce my stress, this hesitation of posting to this elf game board that I have successfully not been disciplined for 15 years has become crippling.

Ironically I now feel a bit like I was harassed for pointing out harassment. There are people with much bigger problems than this. The originating forum post showed that, but a part of me seems like it has been silenced and I’m unwelcome in a place that would have been the last place I’d have ever thought it would.